Dream Valley is an alpine playground for dreamers, entrepreneurs and change-makers to meet, play and save the world.   The brainchild of Jack Hubbard, founder of Propellernet, he and his wife Linda have created a community-driven home in the Alps for transformative and purpose-driven businesses and people.


Having started 2016 with 5 days of snow-shoe hiking, skiiing and snowboardingq - in between running brand and storytelling brainstorms and workshops for the incredibly exciting HAPS - Thirteen Eight suggested that Dream Valley publish a hard cover coffee-table book to showcase the incredible events, people, and projects that have made Dream Valley such a success. As a celebration of community and a new way of working, the book was designed to be a visual delight - ensuring that beauty, excitement, and scope of Dream Valley and it's projects came across, as did it's commitment to bringing people together to create new ventures and ideas. Of course to those who have been to Dream Valley, it's magic is all too well known.


Concept, Art Direction, Photography, Layout and Design, Branding.