Despite the substantial advances in the science of happiness and wellbeing in recent years, more people than ever are feeling low. Globally, more people die from suicide than from wars & natural disasters combined! Depression is a growing problem. HAPS is building a community to tackle this problem - starting with a new 100% natural fruit powder with added boosters and real purpose. Established by Rik Turner, the HAPS product gives your body a boost of specific nutrients that positively impact your mental health and general wellbeing. 


Having been invited to travel to Dream Valley to conduct branding and storytelling workshops to help get the HPAS brand off the ground, we were then asked to create the initial logo and branding materials - and the initial packaging designs for the haps products. Working with the founder we help him identify and refine how he talks about and positions the brand and created a basic starter pack of materials, along with packing concepts designed to reflect the products, modern, upbeat and natural approach to empowering 1 million people to take control of their happiness by 2018.


Concept, Art Direction, Copywriting, Logo Design, Branding, Product packaging design, Social media asset design.