The Legend of Ko is a personal project which tells the charming story of a young girl called Ko, and her mythical guardians and advisors - through illustration. The story and style combines Japanese mythology and modern illustration techniques, brought to life by Chris Mepham and Wayne Fick in two engaging triptychs. The visual and story can be seen online here.


To create the final artwork for The Legend of Ko, Wayne & Chris combined traditional comic style hand sketches with digital vector illustration, photo collage and digital painting to create a final series of images that feel crafted, warm and whimsical - maintaining a hand-drawn feel while embracing digital techniques to create depth and all a magical feel to the narrative. Both lovers of comic books and Japanese art and mythology, they aimed to pay homage to these art forms through their own take on storytelling.


Concept, Art Direction, Illustration, Hand drawing, Digital collage, Writing, Storytelling.