The brainchild of leading mind expert and life coach Jacqueline Hurst, The Life Class is an online course which uses video lessons and worksheets to teach you how to transform your life by improving your emotional intelligence, enhancing your ability to listen to your gut instincts, boosting your confidence levels and giving you a deeper understanding of yourself.  A client since 2014, Thirteen Eight has worked with The Life Class on visual identity and design, and was called in to help re-invigorate the brand in 2015.


Working with Jacqueline to help refine a new logo, brand identity, messaging and visual consistency for the launch of her revitalised The Life Class online foundation course, Thirteen Eight designed, animated, recorded audio and produced the 20+ videos that form the basis of the e-learning course.  We also redesigned the accompanying print materials, and we continue to produce all marketing collateral and social media content for The Life Class as it grows and expands it's reach.


Concept, Art Direction, Video production, Print Design, Branding, Image creation and Retouching.